Ben Fields

M.S. Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Dallas

Sample Projects

Timeline Creator

An interactive historical timeline creation tool for authors, presenters, and educators. (Work in progress).

ML Experiments in Audio Time Stretching

A study in machine learning algorithms to stretch the duration of recorded audio without affecting the apparent pitch.

Motion-Controlled Wearable HID

A system of connected wearable devices that allows users with limited mobility to control their computer. Built on the Mbed OS platform with the Human Interface Device protocol over Bluetooth Low Energy.

VR Exhibit

Software for a virtual reality exhibit without any head-mounted display. Skeletal tracking motivates physical forces on the virtual avatar. Spatial data is gathered with an Intel RealSense depth camera. Created for Sci-Tech Discovery Center with UTD EPICS.

Mapping Perspective

A web visualization framework for events with geographical and temporal data from various parties' perspective. Demonstrated with the Normandy landings.


Firefox Add-ons

A collection of add-ons to make life easier in Firefox, the open source web browser.

Mega Course Flowchart

A visualization of all the courses at UTD on a force-directed graph. The idea is one can use it to make multi-year course plans based on their interests and completed coursework. Created with the help of a friend of mine.


Another ASCII chart for your ASCII-charting needs.